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From the days as an intern at tiny T. K. Records to his chart-topping heyday as leader of KC and The Sunshine Band, THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT: THE HARRY WAYNE CASEY STORY offers a backstage pass and a ringside seat to one of the most compelling chapters of American music history.

Riding the crest of his infectious dancefloor anthems-Get Down Tonight, Shake Your Booty, and of course, That's The Way (I Like It) - Harry Wayne Casey, a.k.a. "KC", became the most beloved figure of the disco era, setting the tempo for an upbeat cultural revolution that extinguished the gloom of the Vietnam War and put a smile back on America's face as hundreds of thousands of young fans boogied to KC and The Sunshine Band's hook-laden sounds.

Charting the ups and downs of KC's 30-year career, this photo packed portraint of Miami's first and greatest pop musical export invites the reader on a tour through the glitterball past and into the future, as KC continues his journey into the 21st century with his dance-happy music intact.


On january 31, 1951, at 9:20 a.m. - a wednesday -i was born in miami, florida. growing up i harbored dreams of becoming a musician, performer and recording artist. it was all i ever thought about, or wanted in life. this book is that story in pictures and in words. i hope it conveys at least a small sense of the fun that i've had making music for the past four decades and counting. special thanks to irene marie, whose inspiration set this project in motion, as well as to the many other talented people who devoted their time and energy to the preparation of this book. there have been so many people along the way who have been a part of my story - both the living and the deceased - that i would be remiss not to include them here. this book is dedicated to them. they are:

Harry L. Casey, Jane Casey, Jim & Savina (Casey) Barnsley, Montgomery Barnsley, Casey Barnsley, Chanel Cowart, Shawn Cowart, Bill Sammeth, Mike Irvin, Mark Powers, Donald & Cass Wilson, Mel Haber, Martha Adler, the staff at Harrick Music, Wendy Melamed & Lorraine Dominguez, Allee Newhoff-Mendoza. Carlene Adams & family. Marc Serota. Lee Gatch. Sherry Smith, Steve Alaimo, Henry Stone, Clarence Reid, Betty Wright, Willie Clarke, Garry Schaeffer, Rick Finch, Jerome Smith, Robert Johnson, Beverly Champion Foster, Margaret Reynolds, Jeanette Wright, Hazel King, Debra Carter, Ronnie Smith, Denvil Liptrot, James Weaver, Charles Williams, Oliver Brown, Whit Sidner, Kenny Faulk, Vinnie Tano, all of the staff at William Morris, ICM. Pyramid for all of the wonderful years, Gayle Holcomb. Jim Ramos. Sal Michaels. Sandy Gallin. Alan David, Jim Morey, Dick Clark. Merv Griffin, Nick & Kelly Pascual & family, Jim & Beverly Ryan & family. Roger, Francis & Rhonda Swafford. Roger & Margorie Knight & family. JT & Kitty Spinks. Richard. Sandra & Donna Cantrell & families. Robert & Ruthel Cantrell & family. Terry, Elaine, Bernard, Rubilee. Tim Cantrell & family. Robert & Polly Peek & family, Abbey, Vicki. Franklin. Billy. Howard & Louise Casey, Robert Casey, Howard Casey, Fred & Betty (Casey) Dilbeck Betsy. Brenda, Freddie, Beverly & families, Wylie Casey & family, Nina Brown & family, Katherine (Brown) Kidder & family, Alice B. (Brown) King & family, Royce Drawdy & Barbara Bell, Arthur Brown & family, Frank Brown & family. Edward Casey & family, Edith (Casey) Mitchell, Carl, Billy, Mark, Carolyn & families, Lorraine (Casey) Kortus & family, Mike & Gloria Crisante & family, Mike, Stephen, Timmy, Gloria, Freddie. Chick & Tona Shrouder. Tona. Jimmy. Armand. Dean. Jody Shrouder & families, Angel Covington, Carolyn Ballentine & family. Claudia, Robert Zulaff & Mary Ann. Armand & Marty Walterson. Savina Clark & Savina Fischer & family. Emory & Celestina, Tony. David, Tim, Bruce Griffin & families, Diane Ford, Carla Dattalo, Orlando Carrillo, Wesley Hyatt & family, Willie Simon & family, Milan Bogdan, Rick & Michelle Raymond, Barbara Stevens, Tom Boule, John Weaver, Betty Zambelli & family, Judy. Kaye, Susan & Bobby Delaney, Susan Lynn Betty Ann and the staff at Delaneys Street, Maria De Crescenzo, Ralph Herndon, Glenda Johnson, Alice Bailey, Bill Simmons, Teri De Sario, Joey Simmel & family, Bill & Sharon Pratchnick & family, Jim & Susan Reagan & family, Michael Powers & family, Charlie & Jackie Powers, Eva Davenport, Helen Baube & family, Brian Huggins & family, Sheryl Briesemiester & family, Andy Thomas, Danny Markinson, Desmond Child, Curtis Shaw,. Zelda Bresland, Curtis Neely, Abundio Montez, Pat Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Duane Brown, Karen & Curtis Brown, Marion & Rod (Martin) Zamotin, Bradley. Adrian Bennett & Peggy Martin. Evelyn Mitchell. Linda & Marilee. Linda & Judy Russell, Pam Sharkis. Bill Tanner, Robert Walker & family. Charlotte McKinnon, Kennetha Morris, Tesha Stalker,. Fermin Goytisolo & Augie,. Brian Scanolin,. Jason Frost, Conte Bennett, Ralph Hunter, David Cabrera, Curtis Williams, Nick Marinovic, AJ Osekre, Peter Brewer, Stephen Lashley, Barry Foy,. George Strakas, Chris Nathan, Thorpes Limousine NC,. Carey Limousine Miami, Corporate Travel, Paula Gerson, Bruce Merrin, Roland & Victoria Phillips, George & Linda Fraser, Ron Woytowich,. Tony Fick & family, Lou Pearlman, Mandy and the staff at Trans Con, Allan Crammer & family, David & Marla Bercuson, Jeanette at Frankie & Zoes, The Lawrence's Shane, Shawn, Jay, Dwayne, Troy, Dolly & families

To my wonderful friends at American Airlines Special Services, thank you so much. You will never know how much I appreciate your assistance. Susan Brusman & Associates & Larry Carrino, Larry & Darlene Nayman & family, Richard Pothurst, Linda. Arlene, Bill & Mrs. Tuck & families, the Holbert family, the Amerson family the Adams family, the Falvey family, the Starkweather family, Marshall Rhodes & family, Joan Rivers & family, Scott Erickson & family, Mike Lewis, Dr Don Johnson. Junior Wade, the staff at Shula's Athletic Club, Gerhig Peterson, Doug Pinkston, Michael Booth. David Vance & Kyle, Andy & Lucille Geranis, Gus Vidal & family, the staff at Health South Miami Lakes, Craig Sculthorpe, Bob Rossi & family, Mr., & Mrs. McConnell & family, John (Footy) Kross, Allan & Sherry Jacobi, Stephen Galfas, Darcy McAllister. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Krajewski & family, Roberto Zanetti, Mrs. Rosa Wright, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Miller & family, Mr. & Mrs. Osias & family, Mr. & Mrs. Julia Wright,. Mr. & Mrs. Ron Lilly, Kenny Pierce, the staff at Duke Diet & Fitness Center NC, you helped me through a difficult time, and the Team Power Publishing staff, Allan Turowetz, Craig Macinnis, Genevieve Desrosiers, Julie Desilets and Nathalie Michaud, And last but not least, to the many fans for their loyal support. Each of you have played an important part in my career and life. May God Bless You. With Love and Affection


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